Olympic windsurfing training

Windsurfing coaching is a parallel occupation I deal together with photography since many years ago. The last five years I work as an Olympic windsurfing class coach (RS:X olympic class and Techno 293 Youth olympic class) in a yachting club in the South suburb of Athens, Greece. Our team is training all year long, four days per week and take part to major national and international events like European and World championships. Taking photos while coaching from a small rib boat is not an easy task, as the environment is always wet and the boat is always moving and shaking. That’s why it is much more functional to use a pocket underwater camera for these shots. All following pictures were taken against sunset,  in order to add drama and to emphasize the action.


Foil windsurfing training. Varkiza bay.


RS:X olympic windsurfing close up action shot


Super lightwind RS:X training


RS:X traing in planing conditions


Techno 293 youth olympic board


Techno 293 youth olympic board upwind training


Olympic windsurf bord RS:X while low flying in full speed