Sun Anemos photography session

Sun Anemos is a 29m luxury motor yacht built in 2009. She is an elegant and spacious vessel offering an exceptional cruising performance.   The capability of the opened lounge roof offers an extra advantage as well as a very impressive subject in photography, especially when the ambient light is very low, late in the afternoon. The photo shooting took place in Metopi island between Aegina and Agistri island. This islet is well known for its turquoise crystal clear water. Aerial photography with drone brought out both the elegant cruise and the beauty of the landscape. Special care was taken in “blue hour” time, after sunset, during which some impressive shots of yacht’s exteriors, lounge and master cabin were captured.


The lounge and dining room with opened roof, sunset time.


The yacht’s rail.


Shot from the tender. Showing the simple and elegant lines.


The master cabin with large windows at night.


Cruising over crystal clear turquoise water.


Bathroom detail