360 degrees virtual tour

Trying to offer more options in our yacht and villa photography services, we are very pleased to announce the purchase of iStar, a high end 360 degrees camera. This camera incorporates 4 wide angle lenses and 4 sensors capable to capture a full 360 degrees high resolution (50 megapixels) image. IStar camera is quite compact, quick operating and easy to use, so it is ideal for shooting both interior and exterior spaces. The most interesting benefit of such a camera is the creation of a 360 degrees virtual tour. The virtual tour consists of a series of panoramic images linked between each other. The viewer, using the mouse or the control bar, is able to look at any desired point of each image and furthermore navigate from one place to another by clicking on the corresponding link. Virtual tours are complementary to still photography and yet a very powerfull tool for promoting yachts, villas, restaurants, public buildings etc.
Below are demostrated some yacht virtual tours.
Enjoy the tour!