Sailing Yacht Antara photography

S/Y Antara was sailing from Turkey to Greece and then to Italy when I was called upon a complete photo shooting assignment. I finally joined the yacht in Naples. She is a 46 meter luxury sailing yacht with classic, quite minimal decoration. Together with the captain, we had to make a very tight schedule in order to complete the shooting in one and a half days because the yacht should sail to Palma right afterwards. We decided to sail from Naples to Procida island in order to have a nice background for all exterior photos. Procida village is colorful and very picturesque, just the perfect backdrop for yacht photography. All exterior shots should be done with very low ambient light for achieving a sweet balance with the yacht’s artificial lights. We prepared the exterior areas late in the afternoon, made some test shots and everything was ready for shooting very early in the morning. The morning session started about one hour before sunrise and was completed half an hour after sunrise. The cockpit and the fly bridge pictures have an atmospheric dawn light, while the village offer a perfect scenery. During the day I finished all remaining interiors, guest, master and VIP cabins, the engine room and other minor areas. All photos were then edited in Photoshop using layers and layer masks for every adjustment, as this is the way to obtain absolute image control.


Sailing yacht Antara photo shooting
Sailing yacht Antara cockpit, as shot before sunrise with Procida village as backdrop


Sailing yacht Antara sunrise photography
Fly bridge and jacuzzi. Coroful Procida village in the background.


Sailing yacht Antara photography
Sailing yacht Antara cockpit, shot before dawn


luxury sailing yacht cabin nikolopoulos photography
The master cabin


luxury sailing yacht cabin nikolopoulos photography
The VIP cabin


luxury sailing yacht detail nikolopoulos photography
Bathroom detail


luxury yacht nikolopoulos detail bathroom photography
Bathroom detail